Your photographer with a passion for adventure and weakness for Neutral Tones

I'm Victoria

My name is victoria smith, I am a 27 year old Photographer born and raised on the coast of Maine. Although I grew up on the east coast I have a deep love for the west and currently live in sunny Phoenix, Arizona from September to June and reside in Maine during the Summer.

I'm a big lover of adventures, neutral tones, and natural light. I care deeply for our planet, animals, and the people on it. creating original imagery for Lifestyle, wedding, and branding photography is my passion.

For me photography is more than just a job, it is something that genuinely fills my heart & soul! I don't just want to shoot you and your loved one, I want to get to know you. I will work with you as your friend to capture what makes you special while creating a vision that is true to you.

Truly nothing makes me happier than being able to create a visual story through my photographs that people will cherish forever.

a lil about me..

Artistic Expression  - Celebrating love Authenticity - Natural Light - 
- Simplicity -  Neutral Tones - The Desert - The beach - respecting
our planet + its humans

What I am about

Artistic Expression
 Celebrating love Authenticity
Neutral Tones
The Desert
The Beach


Get to know me

Fun Facts

5 favorite things to do in my free time

My go to drink

Dream Location to Shoot at

Things I care about

1. Make pottery
2. Go for a sunset walk or bike ride
3. Take a fun workout class, currently
loving Pilates + Barre
4. Get outside and connect with nature
5.  Have a chill night in with friends

Homemade matcha latte with oat milk, cinnamon, and honey.  I drink it every day and its possibly the highlight of my mornings haha

1. Having fun + not taking yourself too seriously
2.  Fostering meaningful relationships
3. Being kind 

Tulum, Greece, and Italy are on my photography bucket list! Also dying to shoot an elopement at Lake Powell, the landscape and tones there are unreal.

Something I've always wanted to do

1. Live in a sprinter van for a year and travel across the country.
2. Ride a horse across a tropical beach at sunset

A few things I'm currently obsessed with

1. Chai Tea 
2. Surfing
3. Banana Bread

I look forward getting to know you Next!