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Stephen reached out to me telling me of his plans to propose to his high school sweetheart Riley. He and his family were doing a week and half road trip around the southwest and their first stop was the Grand Canyon. He told me of his vision and we worked together to pick the perfect spot at sunset, needless to say we found it!

The day of the proposal I drove up from Phoenix early to scout out the location we chose and then after dinner, Stephen, Riley and his family walked along the rim trail to the spot we found to watch the sunset. As his family was taking photos on their phones, I waited sneakily in the foreground pretending to take pictures of the view. When it was Riley and Stephen's turn to get some couple photos on their phone, he turned toward her and got on one knee, and these are the moments that happened from that point forward. 

Grand Canyon Proposal

Victoria was the absolute BEST!!!! Extremely helpful, organized, and accommodating. She was super nice throughout the process and went above and beyond to make our shoot special. Had a proposal + engagement shoot at the Grand Canyon, and Victoria drove far out of her way to meet us there (arriving super early to find the perfect lighting / angles)! She helped pick the perfect spot to propose and shot AMAZING engagement photos both during the proposal and after. We were extremely impressed with the photos and her willingness to help throughout the whole process. The entire shoot was perfect and would recommend to anyone!!

- Stephen + Riley 

"The entire shoot was perfect and would recommend to anyone!!"

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